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Cancer Rehabiliation Exercise and Physiotherapy Program

There are many studies showing that exercise is good for cancer prevention, lymphedema maintenance, decreasing reoccurrence of cancer and improving quality of life.

The American College of Sports Medicine round table on Exercise Guidelines for Cancer survivors suggest 30 – 60 minutes of moderate –to –vigorous physical activity 5 or more times per week.

St. Marys Community Rehabilitation is offering 30 -60 minutes exercise program up to 2 times per week with physiotherapy treatment. Blood pressure and oxygen levels will be monitored during the sessions. Participants will be encouraged to also exercise on their own. The goal would be to discharge to community or home programs.

Participants can start at any time, subject to space availability, as the exercise programs are individually tailored. It is expected that they will complete a combination of stretching, strengthening, cardio and balance exercises.

Olivia Galloway RMT, is registered as a lymphedema therapist and ADP authorizer for compression stockings. She is available to provide lymphatic drainage massage for clients as well.

Please call St. Marys Community Rehabilitation and ask for your no obligation, no cost screening appointment for the program. Offer ends Novemember 30, 2014. Please mention Nov BLOG when you call.

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