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These are the changes that you can expect and what we will be doing to keep you safe and what we need you to do to keep us safe.   We are in this together.   

On booking your appointment...

  • Patients and people who attend with patients are screened by telephone before an                                                               appointment is booked and are not given an appointment if they have COVID-19 symptoms

  • If possible fax or email or phone your referral to the clinic or bring it when you arrive

  • A video or telephone appointment meeting will initially take place to discuss what types of treatments are available and to see if a virtual assessment/treatment will work for you

  • Please limit  a helper to one person to  attend with you  and then only if necessary.  No children will be allowed in the clinic unless they are attending for an appointment

  • We prefer  electronic transfer for payment

  • More vulnerable clients will be booked earlier in the day; please notify staff if you fit into this category

On arrival to the clinic ….

  • You will be asked to remain in your car when you arrive at the clinic parking lot and we will text or phone you when you are able to come into the clinic.

  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands on entering and leaving the clinic.

  • You will be asked to wear a mask on arrival (some available). 

  • You will be asked to go directly to the treatment bed

  • Staff may be performing more than one role.  Please be patient with us.  

  • If after an assessment it is determined that a virtual assessment will meet your needs this will be set up.

  • We will ask that you use the public washroom on the second floor.

What are Staff doing...

  • All staff are screening for Covid symptoms prior to work

  • Staff within 2 metres of you will wear a surgical mask or be behind plexi glass.

  • Staff must stay home when ill with COVID-19 symptoms so you may experience more cancellations due to us being cautious.

  • Staff have reviewed use of protective personal equipment (PPE) and hand washing techniques.

  • Magazine and toys are removed from the waiting and the waiting room is not available.

  • Chairs, pillows and equipment in the room will be cleaned after each client.

  • As always, all linens will be changed between clients.

  • Any equipment not necessary in the room will be removed.

  • Staff will wash their hands before and after your treatment.

  • If staff are able to maintain 2 m or more away from clients they do not need to wear PPE.

  • We will be following recommended guidelines so we don't waste PPE and contribute to shortages.

  • Not all staff will work on the same day, to decrease the likely hood of all staff getting sick if one member gets sick.

“This isn’t forever, it is just for now!

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