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Book online for assessments and treatments. If you are looking for appointments outside our regular 8-4 hours, you will need to call the office or send an email regarding the times that you are available to book.  Thanks!


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St. Marys Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

268 Maiden Lane, Suite 209

PO BOX 219

Tradition-Mutual Centre for Wellness

St. Marys, Ontario

N4X 1B1
Tel  519 - 284 - 0904  

Fax 519 - 284  - 0870

How do I get to St. Marys Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic?

We are located on the second floor of the Tradition-Mutual Centre for Wellness on the corner of Maiden Lane and Ingersoll Street in St. Marys. Free parking is available outside of the Wellness Centre.


Is the facility accessible?

Yes. The facility is accessible for the visually impaired and for individuals requiring assistive devices. There is temporary parking at the entrance for those needing to be dropped off. The second floor, where St. Marys Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic is located, is accessible by an elevator. There is a wheelchair at the front hall which is available for use. Please call ahead if you require it so we can double check that it is not in use at your appointment time.

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